We, at Alumacraft, continue to face difficulties due to the pandemic, including a lack of materials and components, transportation backlogs and labor shortages. All of this, plus high demand for all our products, especially for our high-end products, will likely result in delivery delays.

But we don’t stop when times get tough. Our 20,000 BRP employees, including our Alumacraft employees, are going above and beyond with you, our customers, in mind. President & CEO José Boisjoli outlines what we’re doing to get our products to you as soon as possible.


Message from our
President & CEO

We remain committed, along with our dealers, to go the extra mile so you can enjoy your boat as soon as possible. If you would like information on your specific order, please reach out to your local dealer for updates, they will have the latest available information.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a commodity surcharge on Model Year 2022 products?

Yes. BRP's supply chain continues to be impacted by two factors during the pandemic: rising raw material costs and increased shipping costs. Because of rising costs, BRP has put in place a commodity and fuel surcharge for all of its boats.

What is BRP doing to speed up the delivery of my boat?

We know having adventures and creating memories with our products is important, and we apologize that this delay might impact your plans. We’re putting all our efforts into delivering our lineup as soon as possible. We are in the process of increasing our production capacity to lessen the impact on you. Like many other businesses, we’re experiencing some delays due to supply chain constraints paired with the popularity of our products. We’ll communicate updates to your dealer as they become available.

I was told my boat will be delivered much later than I had planned. What are my options?

We apologize for this delay, which is related to the global shortage of supplies as well as high demand and logistics challenges. If you’re not satisfied with the expected delivery schedule of your boat, you can work with your dealer on your available options.

Am I allowed to cancel my order even though I have already put a down payment?

We will honor our commitment to deliver as soon as possible, but if you are seeking a refund of your deposit, please contact your dealer directly.

Are BRP’s factories open?

Yes, BRP’s factories are operational and our production teams are working overtime. BRP has added additional shifts to increase production capacity, and we’ve expanded our production facilities to accommodate current and future growth.

When will BRP catch up on confirmed orders?

We see the popularity of our products and the uncertainty of the global supply chain issues continuing, and it’s unclear at this time. However, rest assured that we are investing heavily to come up with creative solutions, and our teams are working overtime in ways to minimize the impact to all of you.

Is BRP shipping incomplete boats to dealers?

No, but it is possible that some boats might be delivered to dealers without a motor. We recognize the motor delays have an impact on your ability to enjoy your boat, but having your boat in dealership will speed up the delivery process once the motor becomes available.

Are there any changes to features, accessories or colors because of the current supply context?

Due to the production supply constraints, it could be possible that modifications will need to be made. Check with your dealer on whether your order is impacted by these changes.

Are parts and accessories also experience delays?

For the latest information on any parts or accessories impacted by delays, please check with your dealer.

How do I know when my order or product will be available?

Your local dealer has the most accurate shipping information and we recommend working with them directly.

What is BRP doing to make this right?

We are investing in ways to maintain our production levels and are doing everything possible to deliver your product on time. Rest assured you have the entire BRP workforce is dedicated to making this happen for you.

Will the current situation have an impact on the quality of products being produced in the future?

It is important to us to deliver quality products that you can expect, and so BRP remains committed to our high-quality standards regardless of the production constraints we’re currently experiencing.