Adventure Boat Camping with Rebekka Redd

Adventure Boat Camping: Embracing Solitude and Serenity in the Wild

No one ever regretted a life of adventure, at least I haven’t! 

Exploring the great outdoors has always been my passion. Whether it's sleeping in hammocks in the wild such as Tanzania or beneath the rainforests of South America, I've always sought to push the boundaries of my adventurous spirit. It was during my fishing trips that I stumbled upon an idea that would forever change my camping experience – boat camping!

With each fishing expedition requiring a substantial effort to reach the perfect spot, turning back to the launch felt like a missed opportunity. Instead, I decided to transform my boat into a floating haven, allowing me to camp wherever my heart desired.

As a dedicated adventurer, I've explored numerous terrains and challenging experiences. So, why not embrace the novelty of sleeping in a tent aboard my trusty boat? It turned out to be an absolute delight! Determined to share this remarkable experience, I decided to photograph my boat camping escapades, which have become an integral part of my life for years.

At the dawn of this new year, I found myself equipped with a brand new state-of-the-art Alumacraft Competitor 205 Sport, boasting a powerful 250hp Mercury Verado engine. This vessel not only provided ample space for all my gear but also offered unrivaled comfort.

My preparations were meticulous;

I packed extra provisions of gas, water, and food to sustain me during my boat camping excursions.

Setting up camp is a breeze with my two-person all-weather tent placed on the bow of the boat. To ensure a good night's sleep, I indulge in an inflatable camping mattress paired with a snug summit cold weather sleeping bag. Safety is my top priority, so I carry headlamps, extra lights, flares, boaters safety kit, life jackets, oars, boat ropes, anchors and more. For additional peace of mind, I have a satellite phone and a GPS mapping system, allowing me to roam without losing my way. I religiously keep my loved ones informed about my precise location through GPS pings.

Cooking onboard is part of the joyous experience, and I've perfected my techniques with a portable stove, sometimes opting for a two-burner setup or a more compact one burner version, depending on what I feel like packing. My selection of favorite camping foods adds a touch of culinary delight. Of course, my loyal canine companion joins me, and I ensure he enjoys the journey as much as I do. Selecting fishing spots with nearby beaches allows him to frolic during our long days on the boat. To shield ourselves from the scorching sun, I put up the Bimini top, providing us both with ample shade.

Finding a peaceful bay or safe harbor is pivotal to a rewarding and secure experience – a practice adopted by seasoned sailboat enthusiasts. My luck led me to discover awe-inspiring spots. Securing the boat to a tree onshore and anchoring it off the stern provide stability and prevent any unwanted drifting. Sometimes, I anchor close to a picturesque beach, while at other times, I keep a bit of distance from the shore.

The enchanting moments that boat camping provides are just amazing.

I often find myself in the company of moose foraging close to my resting spots, while playful otters dart around my boat as I cook up a delicious lunch. When night falls, the air comes alive with the soothing sounds of night birds, and on some occasions, I am blessed with pure silence, allowing me to immerse myself in the quiet surroundings. However, I must admit that in some camping spots, I encountered an intense swarm of mosquitoes, prompting me to quickly zip up my tent for protection!

I cherish the serenity, independence, and boundless adventure that these solo trips bring. 

Liberated from the distractions of the modern world, I find solace and rejuvenation in the lap of mother nature. With my family hailing from Finland, a culture that deeply revere's time spent in nature, I am no stranger to the rewards of escaping into the wilderness. The deep connection with the wild and tranquility it bestows upon my soul is something I treasure immensely.

So, my fellow adventurers, may your spirits be high, your sense of exploration unwavering, and your boat camping experiences unforgettable! Embrace the thrill of independence and bask in the serenity of nature – for it is in these moments that life's truest joys are discovered.

Happy adventure boat camping! 




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